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DASH – Disaster and Survivor Handbook


Your family’s 10-YEAR “TO DO” List and “ACTION PLAN” for surviving disasters!

1 to 14 $25.00
15 to 99 $22.50
100 to 249 $21.25
250 to 499 $20.00
500 + Please Call
Priced each.


In 2012 dozens of major disasters occurred in the US.

They are arriving more and more frequently and we need to prepare and protect our families. This handbook is your guide.

    • 12 tabs, involving your family members in what to grab first, take next
    • Identifying members of your household and where to meet following the immediate impact of your disaster
    • Escape routes
    • Important phone numbers when power comes back on
    • Contents and locations of your survival kit
    • Medication lists
    • Credit cards and who to call to cancel them
    • Photos of the interior and exterior of your home
    • Insurance
    • User names and passwords, and much more!

In a 3 ring letter size binder with pockets for a CD, flash drive and loose documents printed on easy to identify International Safety Yellow in black ink.

Filled with life saving ideas,
DASH is the perfect project to gather your family’s survival plans and a place to keep all your important information.

Use DASH for your family’s safety.
Give it to your friends.

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