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Neighborhood Watch Worksheets


Family Data Sheet – WF
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This is the most important tool in the Neighborhood Watch crime prevention program. Complete it, study it, then secure it in a safe place.


Family Data Summary Sheet – WD
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This is a brief condensation of ten Family Data Sheets. Copies should be made available to each family member.


Block Map Worksheet – WB
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This sheet provides a quick reference to the houses and occupants in your own neighborhood in the event of an emergency, or when experiencing a suspicious activity or sound.

Grid worksheet for the customization of the program participants on reverse side.


Telephone Tree – WT
Included in the Neighborhood Watch Start Kit

Great tool for passing along information about a possible intruder in the neighborhood, about a call to 911, or simply to get information passed along in a group.

Household Inventory Sheet – WH
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List items that are frequently stolen; your credit card numbers, make, model and serial numbers of purchased articles, with the location marked and purchase price.