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Customized Signs & Decals

Over several decades NNWI has customized decals and signs for many law enforcement
agencies, homeowner associations, neighborhood watch groups and other public and
private organizations. Illustrated below are a small sample of these.


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Pricing on customized work will vary depending on the complexity of the customization
requested. Minimum customized sign quantities: 30 signs, except for the 36′′ x 24”
Community Signs with a 5-sign minimum quantity.

When you order this is what to expect.

Upon receipt of your order, NNWI will obtain the exact wording you would like used on your
custom Neighborhood Watch sign. Next, NNWI will send you a PDF PROOF of the custom
Neighborhood Watch sign artwork. This allows you to review the design. At this point, you

either approve the PDF PROOF of the custom Neighborhood Watch sign artwork or request a
further change. Once the custom Neighborhood Watch sign artwork is approved, your custom
Neighborhood Watch signs will go into production and cannot be changed. Upon completion,
your custom Neighborhood Watch sign will be sent to you at the ship to address you provide.
Call NNWI at 888-669-4872 with any questions or for assistance.

Custom Sign Examples


Call 1.888.669.4872