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36″ x 24″ Community Reflective Warning Signs

These Community Signs are our largest. They are 36′′x24′′ .080′′ thick aluminum and are
custom made, printed in black plus Warm-Red or Blue with two or four mounting holes
positioned where you want them. The Community Signs include 3M 1160 anti-graffiti
film coating designed to make cleaning a spray-painted sign possible.

First five at $625 base, 6 to 19 at $93 per additional sign plus base, 20 or more $625.00
base plus $82.00 per additional sign.


Please call us at 1.888.669.4872 to order.

When you contact National Neighborhood Watch Insitute, NNWI will obtain the exact
wording you would like used on your Community Sign. Next, NNWI will send you a PDF
PROOF of the Community Sign artwork to review. At this point, you have an opportunity
to either approve the PDF PROOF of the Community Sign design or request a further
change. Once the Community Sign artwork is approved, your Community Signs enter
production and cannot be changed. Upon completion your customized Community
Signs will be sent to you at the ship to address you provide. Call NNWI at 888-669-
4872 if you need assistance.