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About National Neighborhood Watch Institute

National Neighborhood Watch Institute was formed to supply law enforcement agencies and individual’s better tools for their crime prevention dollar. This was in response to a local police department asking us for help in the 1980s. We were then, and still are, part of InterPrint Corporation which was incorporated in 1973. In the 1990s our success attracted national attention and we later obtained the trademarks and copyrights of The Sign Center, in San Diego, California. We continue to serve you from Santa Fe Springs, California, where we started well before our incorporation.

Products & Services

NNWI products are in use by over 13,000 police and sheriff agencies, housing authorities, emergency management agencies, as well as concerned citizens.

NNWI recommends starting a Neighborhood Watch program in your neighborhood. Also protect your valuables by implementing Operation ID in your community. Join the fight against crime today!

Our materials are available to local Neighborhood Watch groups, home owner associations, police and sheriff agencies, and individuals involved in crime prevention activities.

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